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Take the stress out of trying to figure out how to braid a Mule Tape Halter all by yourself and let me help you. Learning to braid your own horse tack can be fun and relaxing with the guided help of the Online Course.

Once your comfortable you can start adding your own creative touch, experiment with different dye jobs and styles.

The Hottest Product Right Now!

Start making them for yourself, your friends and family or even to start your own business. You will be producing a high quality and beautiful product right from the start.

The Chunkier Style Module

The Course offers two different variations or styles of the Mule Tape Halter.

The Bronc Noseband Module

Braid a Mule Tape Halter that you can attach a Bronc Noseband to.

The Lariat Noseband Module

One of our trending modules is the Mule Tape Lariat Noseband Halter.

Different Styles of Lead Ropes

Try various ways and styles of braiding a lead rope.


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learn how to braid different styles of mule tape halters

Included in the Course is two different styles: The Regular 8 Strand (no knot behind the Gullet) and the chunkier 12 Strand (Knot behind the Gullet). There is also a module on creating a Mule Tape Bronc Noseband Halter.

What Others Say


Definitely recommend this course for anyone starting out!! I had no hope in ever being able to do one, and after getting this course I finished my first mule tape halter in 2 hours!! The instructions are so detailed and the videos helpful!!

Alexis Sarauer

Exclusive VIP Member


I absolutely love these courses and can not believe I had the opportunity to take them! They are so well done so much detail and time that was put into them! With PDF forms with all the information you need, to videos that show you how to make that certain braid or project that you are doing!

What is also amazing is that these are one of a kind courses and tack! For example No where else has this beautiful chevron breast collar!

Another great thing is that any question you have about anything, Brette is just one message away! She has helped me so much with my braiding and answered all my questions that I had even down about what to order for Conway buckles and certain colours of rope! So thankful that I had the opportunity to take these courses!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into them! Totally recommend to anyone that is even considering the fact about getting into this business or even just as a hobby!

This course makes it sure fun and addictive and super easy to follow along with! I would take this course again in a heart beat! Can not wait to try more modules in the future!!

Sarah Ross
Exclusive VIP Member


I started this course 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT!! Brette is a great teacher and has shown me how easy it is to actually do some of the braids! She has online videos, course material you can also print out PLUS she is always there whenever you need her with any questions or feedback. I HIGHLY recommend this course because she knows her stuff!

I have already improved my business because of this course! Can't wait for the next module! Thanks Brette for all you do!

Gwen S.
Exclusive VIP Member

Ignite Your Creative Flame

There is nothing more exciting than watching my students take what they have learned and then start to add their own creative ideas to make it unique. You are only limited by your imagination!!

The Braids By Brette Academy

"I love getting to interact with like minded individuals from across the world. Getting to see their businesses take off and them start 

to tweak the design and try new things makes me very happy to be a part of it all."



and get Instant Access to the Mule Tape Lead Rope Module for FREE!!

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